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Taking part in sport and exercise is great for your health and fitness an any age, yet there are specific benefits gained by starting young. If you’re competing in team sports at an early age, this will help kids develop mental agility as well.

Enrolling your kids in team sports in Singapore is a great way to keep them interested in exercise. Having fun with your footy teammates is an enjoyable way for kids to stay active and a great way for parents to invest in their children’s future health habits.

Have you been to a Singapore sports store and noticed there are many different sizes of footballs available? Have you thought to yourself, “Oh, that little one is so cute for my 3-year-old”, or “Will I help my 12-year-old achieve a better kick if I buy the big one”?

As a parent, you may have seen your fair share of kids starting new projects or ventures with loads of enthusiasm only to see them falter when it comes to sticking with it until completion. Sport is no exception. Even children who are doing well in a competitive sense often drop out for a variety of reasons.

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